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An International Network is our Nigerian search engine for used products. This is part of a much larger international network of search engines, including our South African site, Our search engines receive 6 million visitors each month and provide our customers with the most competitive deals on used products within the online market. We are also represented in other continents, such as Asia, where our search engines include for India, for Singapore and for Japan. In North America we have in the US and in Canada, as well, for Argentina and for Mexico in South America. We also have a strong search engine presence in Western Europe where our sites include, for the United Kingdom, for France, for Germany, for Austria, for Australia for Spain and for Italy, as well as smaller countries such as in Ireland and in Belgium. In order to expand our network into new areas, we have recently launched the following search engines: in Poland, for-sale.sw in Sweden, in the Netherlands and australia.for-sale.comin Australia. However we are also expanding our market in Latina America, with 4 new countries : Colombia (, Peru (, Chile( and Venezuela (